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Mercy Nerf Needed? Options
#1 Skrevet : 12. april 2018 14:47:26


Tilmeldt: 10-04-2018
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By: cape town

Now, Valkyrie is 15 seconds long, the movement speed has been halved, no second rez is given and the cast time rez still applies. Blizzard, what? 15 seconds, kinda alright with. But the second rez removal is so not need. Neither is the movement speed nerf. Only being able to rez one player every 30 seconds isn't good, the 2 rez is extremely useful. It causes Mercy to be careful who gets rezzed, and causes the enemy to think about who to kill. Cast time? Eh, I wasn't a fan of the original cast time, seems silly to me. But having it with Valkyrie, an Ult that buffs everything else doesn't make sense. Why would a self-buffing move not buff the rez?

Please help.

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